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So you wanna be on Brony Time? Great! We want you to as well, but we have some requirements. As you can see on our mission statement page, this is a show that tries to elevate the brony discussion and may delve into adult topics. This being the case we can only accept panelists that are 18 and older.

We also want to have a great sounding show so if you want to be on, make sure you have a good quality headset and microphone to help reduce feedback, interference, and echoing.

Email us at with a quick write up about yourself and what you could bring to our round table.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. VVolf (pronounced vulf ) says:

    Not sure how many of these you guys get, but after checking the website on Five Iron’s skype profile after adding him on a CoH call, I’ve listened to all the podcasts thus far and have enjoyed them. While I don’t consider myself a brony, I am a fan of the show. It’s well written and better than at least 95% of what passes for television now-a-days.

    As for I can bring, I’ll generally be willing to break the ice about what I don’t like about the show and a fondness for trivia [ 12, by the way Five Iron, and Alpha, Google Image Search found one easily with searching “Derpy Wonderbolts” (But only one)].

  2. Hey Alpha and Five Iron! Remember! You got a big fan of your podcast kickin’ back and waiting for any slot left open for some pony who just couldn’t attend for any reason.. =) “Keep up the good work guys, and Brony On! ^^ “

  3. Ethan Crank says:

    Hello Alpha/Five Iron! I am a friend of Norman and he recommended me to you guys. I was interested in getting on a brony show and he told me that you guys had panel applications going. So he told me where to go and here I am! I am a 19 year old brony who is terrible at describing himself. I am better at doing this when I actually talk to the person. You can ask Norman I am a good guy. PEACE!

  4. Hey guys. It’s Silent Shot! Your very own personal stalker! Heh.
    Was wondering if you guys had any panel spaces open for this coming Saturday if you have a new episode coming up.

    Otherwise, I’m just around to drop a few lines for you guys.
    Can’t afford to miss an episode from y’all. You guys are pretty great. Do the fandom a favor and keep up the good work. 🙂

    ~Silent Shot: The V8

  5. MrGochira says:

    Hello there,
    My name is MrGochira, I am a beginner digital artist who is looking for an opportunity to become more involved with the fandom. I almost always have an opinion or point to make, and enjoy debate and conversation. at the moment I only have a basic usb microphone, it has clear audio but it is not the best, however I have a Blue cardioid that i will be ordering April 5th. I look forward to hearing from you guys, Thanks.

  6. Ben Doud says:

    Sup guys Ben Doud here. Just your average working joe here I would love to be on your show sometime just to listen in. I don’t have to talk if your to full on your panel but it would be awesome just to skype with you guys if you ever just want to hang out. Was wondering if i could get your guys hooked on League of Legends its a free game you can download and they just came out with a new hecrim skin that makes the char look like a brony i will totally gift you guys the skin if you play a couple games with me. Pony on!

  7. Ben Doud says:

    Crap i forgot to post my email again that or you can contact me on

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